Ways Homosexuals Can Affect You Negatively

Couldn't tell you how many times we at H.O.M.E. have been asked: "How do people who engage in homosexual activity affect us negatively? What's it to us if people engage in private homosexual activity? What's the big deal?"

Here are some ways the LGBT community can negatively affect you and society in general. Here's why it's a "big deal":

1) They are a serious threat to your free speech rights. They want to classify some non-hateful speech they disagree with as so-called "hate speech" and then they want to ban that speech. For example, pro-LGBT people seemingly love to label decent moral conservatives as "bigots," "homophobes," "haters," "Neanderthals," etc., etc. That, in their warped world, is not so-called "hate speech" and is okay. But, say, if you're a student on a typical college campus, and you call a homosexual a "bigot," "heterophobe," "hater," etc., you can get in all kinds of trouble with liberally biased and discriminatory college administrators. The civil rights of conservatives are actively under attack on many college campuses. There should be mass outrage about that.

2) If you are an employee who is open, in your private life, about disagreeing with the LGBT agenda, if your boss happens to be an intolerant liberal bigot you may be fired.

3) They want to force decent moral people to do wrong things via changes in our laws, like letting people who openly take pride in immoral lifestyles adopt children. (Putting children in such situations, like in a same-sex "marriage," is a subtle form of child abuse.)

4) They want to force businesses run by decent moral people to cater to the immoral, under penalty of fines and/or imprisonment. For example, they want to force Christian bakers to bake wedding cakes for heterophobic homosexuals, even if the bakers don't want to for religious reasons. In other words, pro-LGBT people want the right to discriminate against pro-heterosexual businesses, while taking away your right to "discriminate" against immoral people. (Is that bizarre or what.)

5) If you are a psychiatrist or psychologist, you are being forced to malpractice, you are being forced to treat sexual and gender identity disorders like homosexuality and bisexuality and transgenderness as if they are NOT disorders. (Pro-LGBT people do not respect science, logic, and natural law. They place disordered feelings ABOVE science, logic, and natural law. If pro-LGBT people were asking doctors to treat, say, diabetes or lung disease or cancer as if they were NOT disorders, rational people would be outraged. Rational people should be outraged that psychiatrists and psychologists are not supposed to treat certain sexual and gender identity disorders like homosexuality as disorders.)

6) They want to use the schools as a pro-LGBT propaganda arm to impose their odd "values" on innocent little kids. In other words, they outrageously want schools to quasi-brainwash children and corrupt their morals.

7) They want to let, for example, sexually confused men (e.g., transgenders) use the same restroom your little girl uses, whether you like it or not. In other words, the "values" of pro-LGBT people are so upside-down and backward and twisted that they actually put the disordered feelings of transgenders ABOVE the feelings of decent, moral, normal people. Hello! (And how do you visually tell a really sexually confused man from a faking-sexually-confused pedophile?)

8) Generally speaking, they want the right to offend you (as by two men kissing in public), but they want to take away your right to offend them.

9) The more homosexuals there are in the world, the fewer potential mates for heterosexuals. No rational heterosexual should want to have his/her potential choices of mates limited, especially if it's immoral, disordered lifestyles that are doing the limiting.

10) Due to a lot of promiscuous, unsafe, and exploitative sex, they are spreading a lot of STDs all over this country. Some of those diseases, like AIDS, cost society a lot of money to treat.

11) Some LGBT people try to gin up hate against decent moral people who believe in traditional values by filing false hate crime reports. Prof. Wilfred Reilly did a study of hate crimes and "determined that less than a third were genuine" (Jason L. Riley, "Hate Crime Hoaxes Are More Common Than You Think," Wall Street Journal, June 26, 2019, p. A19). Prof. Reilly detailed his findings in his book Hate Crime Hoax.

12) Pro-LGBT people are busting up families. By encouraging young people to engage in immoral sexual activity even while these young people are still living with parents who rationally disapprove of immoral sexual activity, pro-LGBT people are encouraging young sexually confused people to rebel against their parents and thus to create conflict within their families. And this directly contributes to the homelessness problem of young LGBT people, as it makes little sense for moral parents to tolerate immoral activity by their children, especially while those children are living under their parents' roofs.

(Pro-LGBT people have so much blood on their hands. Not only do they contribute to the LGBT homelessness problem, but they contribute to the LGBT suicide/attempted suicide problem as explained elsewhere on our website; and, also, about 10,000 innocent hemophiliacs died of AIDS because homosexuals with AIDS infected the blood supply in the early stages of the AIDS epidemic. Moreover, liberals essentially destroyed the black family. Now, as a result, blacks have to deal with a lot of gangs and gang violence, stress-induced health problems, poor performances in schools, poverty, etc. Liberals need to take a good hard look in the mirror. If they aren't blind, they won't like what they see.)