On Liberal Hate Groups

The extremist Southern Poverty Law Center is probably the best example of a liberal hate group out there. This bigoted organization has no problem smearing decent moral people who happen to believe, on principle (whether religious or non-religious principle), that homosexual activity is wrong. The SPLC seems to have a visceral hate even for those people who "love the sinner" (e.g., a homosexual) but not the "sin" (e.g., homosexual activity). The SPLC's prejudices are so ingrained they actually prefer to spread lies about well-meaning people than engage us in debate. (In a way we don't blame the SPLC for refusing to debate us because they would lose the debate hands down. Homosexuality simply cannot be defended well intellectually.) And even though many black people are offended when homosexuals compare blacks to heterophobic people voluntarily participating in sexually perverse acts, the ignorant bigots at the SPLC still defend the homosexual agenda with nary an apology to blacks. That gives you a pretty good idea about just how far gone the SPLC is, and about how they are trying to corrupt the country's morals. The SPLC has little credibility with decent, moral, rational people nowadays.

To get back to the subject of liberal hate groups---in general, those pro-homosexual groups, which are quick to stereotype and label people as bigots and homophobes just because they are opposed to homosexual activity, are being run by hypocritical, judgmental hatemongers. They are not interested in debates or in truth. They are just fanatics determined to impose their irrational, perverse values on society. Somehow they think they are "progressive" instead of regressive. Surreal.

Also, to use the "logic" of the SPLC and various homosexual groups, since they are not trying to protect the "rights" of other consenting-adult sexual minorities, like incestuous consenting adults or exhibitionist consenting adults, in other words, since the latter are not included in the "rainbow," the SPLC and homosexual groups must be haters of these excluded, "discriminated against" sexual minorities. That "logic" is the kind of nonsense we routinely have to deal with from these extremists.