Should We Have "Hate Crime" Legislation?

This country was founded on the idea that we should have the freedom to believe or think what we want. Therefore, giving someone an extra punishment because that someone was thinking hateful thoughts when he/she committed a crime is clearly unconstitutional and wrong. Even though the Thought Police and Big Brother want to, punishing someone for thinking hateful thoughts violates one of our most cherished freedoms and should never be allowed by anti-fascist people.

Everywhere we turn it seems like the "freedom-loving" liberals are patronizingly restricting or taking away our "rights." For example, liberals have cracked down on smokers (though the liberals are giving a pass to those who spread gonorrhea, chlamydia, and other such STDs). And they've even cracked down on recreational gun owners. (Anyone who knows anything about our Founding Fathers knows they were distrustful of power, of government. Our Founding Fathers never believed in disarming average citizens. Our Founding Fathers would sooner disarm the government.)

How many legitimate freedoms or rights are we going to allow the liberals to take away? Someday, given the fact that power is intoxicating and corrupting, power-mad liberals might decide to take away all of our freedoms, "for our own good."

Generally speaking, liberalism is so intellectually and morally bankrupt it is very easy to illustrate that.

For example, liberals like to say that one can't legislate morality, but then they push for laws which legislate their morals or values. (E.g., outlawing racist behavior is legislating morality.)

Liberals like to say that we shouldn't be judgmental, but then they judge and condemn racists, sexists, so-called "homophobes," etc.

Liberals condemn racism, but they allow racist abortions. (A white woman impregnated by a black paramour can choose to abort that fetus solely because it is "colored.")

Liberals condemn sexism, but they allow sexist abortions. (Around the world many female fetuses are aborted solely because they are female.)

Liberals condemn discrimination against the "physically and mentally challenged," but they allow the abortions of handicapped fetuses.

Liberals condemn so-called "homophobia," but they would allow the abortions of fetuses carrying homosexual genes (assuming we ever find homosexual genes).

Many liberals believe in punishing a pregnant woman who damages her fetus by taking illegal drugs, but do not believe in punishing her for killing her fetus (via abortion).

Liberals tend to be strong opponents of capital punishment, of the death penalty, even for definitely guilty criminals; but they are simultaneously strong defenders of abortion-on-demand, including grisly partial-birth abortion, where a basically fully developed late-term unborn baby is partially removed from the mother's womb and then is rather hideously killed before being fully removed from the mother. (For liberals, evidently it is wrong to kill the guilty [criminals] but okay to kill the innocent [unborn babies]. Bizarre.)

Liberals believe you have the freedom or right to trample and burn the Stars and Stripes in protest (even though such protests outrage many American patriots), but they don't believe you have the freedom or right to fly the Confederate flag (because it might offend someone and thus be a so-called "hate crime"). No defense of racism or slavery is meant or implied in this paragraph.

You know you're a liberal if you condemn conservatives for practicing the "politics of division," but then you help create deep divisions in society by pushing various emotional issues (e.g., abortion, gun control, homosexuality, etc.) while simultaneously dividing the populace into different groups (blacks, Hispanics, feminists, etc.) in order to try to buy their votes with programs like affirmative action.

Liberals like to complain that conservatives want to go into liberals' bedrooms and tell liberals what they can and can't do (perhaps because liberals are spreading sexual diseases all over the place via unsafe, promiscuous sex), and then liberals maintain there is a constitutional right to privacy that prevents conservatives from doing that. But then liberals will try to invade the homes of conservatives and tell them what they must do with their guns (e.g., use trigger locks or whatever). So much for the right of privacy. Liberal hypocrisy is mind-boggling. One wonders how they can get up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror.

Need we say more about the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of contemporary liberalism?