Why H.O.M.E.?

Why should we be concerned about homosexual issues? Why should they matter to us? The answers to those questions are more fully presented in other sections of this website; but here is a short sketch of them.

First, because morality is the glue that holds societies together, we need to be concerned about moral issues. Homosexual issues are moral issues. And as we easily show in the pages of our website, there is nothing even remotely resembling moral equivalence between heterosexual activity and homosexual activity.

Second, we should be concerned about homosexual issues for humanitarian reasons. It is easy to document (which we do) that homosexual activity is a relatively unhealthy, disease-ridden lifestyle which is not only financially costly to society but is also costly to society in human terms.

Third, the negative consequences of homosexual activity are not restricted to homosexuals (and bisexuals). Thousands of innocent hemophiliacs died of AIDS in years past because homosexuals, and to a lesser extent, bisexuals, infected the blood supply with the AIDS virus. And now that AIDS has become so widespread ("thanks" in large part to homosexuals and bisexuals), even some innocent babies are born with AIDS. Plus, besides that, the federal government is spending roughly $16 billion annually on STDs, and state governments are spending millions more on them every year---that's money we could be spending feeding starving children around the world or finding a cure for heart disease or arthritis or helping low-income senior citizens pay for expensive prescription drugs, etc. There is a public cost for private unsafe sex.

Fourth, the more homosexuals there are in the world the fewer potential mates for heterosexuals. And why would straight people want their choices of potential mates limited (especially by immoral lifestyles)?

Fifth, your civil rights are being threatened by homosexuals and their supporters as we'll explain elsewhere: rights like freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

H.O.M.E. was founded by writer, social and political activist, Wayne Lela, with one main purpose in mind: to use science, logic, and natural law to expose all the flaws in the arguments homosexuals (and bisexuals) use to try to justify homosexual activity. Other goals are to defend heterosexual sex and marriage, and to expose the liberal pro-homosexual bias of the dominant media.

While other conservative groups, like Focus on the Family, are also involved with homosexual issues, they tend to be occupied with so many other things (abortion, gambling, abstinence education, etc., etc.) that it is difficult for these laudable groups to be as persuasive as a group like H.O.M.E. which practically specializes in homosexual issues.

We are not criticizing these other conservative groups. We are just recognizing that, because so many conservative values are being simultaneously attacked by liberals, the burdens on groups like Focus on the Family, which endeavor to defend all those values, are many and varied and heavy. Under those extraordinarily burdensome circumstances, it is understandable that the groups may not have the time and resources to devote to individual issues (e.g., homosexual issues) that more specialized groups like H.O.M.E. have.

We dearly need groups like Focus on the Family. But we also need more specialized groups like H.O.M.E. Each has an important role to play.

It should go without saying that we at H.O.M.E. condemn violence against homosexuals and their supporters. We believe in educating them about the lifestyle, just as we believe smokers, for example, should be educated about their unhealthy lifestyle. It should also go without saying that such education is not a hateful act, as many misguided people would have you believe. (The Southern Poverty Law Center is one such misguided group. This bigoted, mean-spirited organization has no problem labeling and smearing and stereotyping decent people who happen to be opposed to homosexual activity as "haters." Bigoted organizations that are prejudiced against people who uphold high moral sexual standards should be given little credibility by thinking people.)

Our website is periodically updated. Some of our less rational critics demand that we use more current medical journals than we occasionally use to document some of our statements (while these same critics hypocritically oppose research into certain unhealthy aspects of homosexual activity, thus making it difficult for us to find those recent medical journal articles documenting how unhealthy homosexual activity can be!!!). We point out that just because we have known for around 50 years that, for example, smoking contributes to lung cancer doesn't make that knowledge wrong. Facts are facts, whether they are old or new, and whether they are convenient for homosexuals or not.

H.O.M.E.'s email address is home60515@yahoo.com and our regular mailing address is: H.O.M.E., P.O. Box 711, Downers Grove IL 60515.